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Hoofbooth Creation...

The idea of creating the Horsebox Photobooth (AKA the HOOFBOOTH) came out over a year ago, but with a new family arrival and with my calendar already full of wedding photography bookings it was hard to find time to get this project up and running...

Step 1:

Find a Horsebox! and this is how our amazing new shabby-chic vintage wedding photobooth looked just a few months ago, i'm pretty happy this isn't smell-a-vision!

Horsebox Photobooth before photo!

Step 2: the big clean!

Two days worth of pressure washing, removed the floor, the central bars and all of the wooden interior and doors it finally no longer smells! :-)

Step 3: pick a colour, and start the renovation to what will be very soon, a beautiful horsebox themed photobooth. I love the colour, and after about 15 trips to Homebase and back the painting is finally finished!

Horsebox photobooth after photo

Step 4: The interior.

It was time to rope in my mother, who is a DIY expert! The photobooth is starting to come together now...

Horsebox photobooth creation
Horsebox photobooth interior

Step 5: Sort out the finishing touches...

With the Horsebox painted and the interior complete it was time to test some props (with a little help!) and get the finishing touches ready for our launch!

Horsebox photobooth props!

Horsebox photobooth props!

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